Company name: Made Tech.

Salary range is £50,000-£75,000pa plus a range of excellent benefits.

Our Senior Engineers combine technical excellence, drive to deliver, and coaching, to achieve outcomes for our customers and their users, and to establish strong engineering cultures within our customer's organisations. They find themselves working on a variety of different problems from monoliths to microservices, upskilling colleagues and customers, always finding themselves learning from others, while constantly striving to be nice humans :)

We primarily write and deliver custom software for the public sector. We work across central and local government, as well as in health, and our past lies in the technology startup world. Technical excellence for us isnt about delivering to feature lists. We place a strong emphasis on outcome-based delivery; ensuring our customers goals are understood and achieved with the technology we deploy.

Our teams have used Ruby with Rails and Sinatra, ES6 with React and Angular 2, C# with .NET Core. We dont limit ourselves as a company and we expect all our Engineers to be keen on learning new technologies. Automation is important to our teams, so we make sure there is a CD pipeline set up to build, test, and release. Also, we will usually be responsible for setting up a customers infrastructure too! Such as on AWS, GCP or Azure using a tool like Terraform, though sometimes we opt for a Platform as a Service like Heroku.

We grow a team of polyglot programmers, which you might already consider yourself to be, who are versed in a mix of paradigms such as object-oriented, functional, declarative, event-based and aspect-oriented. To create this environment our Senior Engineers need to embrace sharing their knowledge and skills with others, and they need to keep an open mind wed love to hear some examples of mentoring, coaching and growing team members. Maybe you will have written some blog posts about your discipline, or perhaps even delivered a talk or two.

While we will look for you to have experience in these things, if you dont have one of these dont let that stop you applying.
Written code with tests
Delivered in an agile environment
Worked with more than one programming language
Worked with databases
Worked with APIs
Debugging experience in a range of systems
Evidence of self-development we value keen learners
Drive to deliver outcomes for users
Desire to mentor others
Empathy and people skills

Dont forget to mention any of the experience listed below. While its optional, its all highly desired!
Working directly with customers and users
Working within multidisciplinary teams with product, design, and technology working within the same cycles
Showcasing and presentation skills
Agile practices such as Scrum, XP, and/or Kanban
Pair programming we pair around 50% of the time
Writing code with test-driven development
Component-based design techniques such as using pattern libraries, styled-components, CSS-in-JS, BEM, and/or SUIT CSS
Debugging infrastructure (AWS/Heroku/Linux/HTTP, GCP and Azure)
The React ecosystem including a test-driven approach
Infrastructure as code tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform and/or Saltstack
Familiarity with architectural and design patterns
Use of architectural decision records
Writing blog posts and giving talks
Time to learn every Friday afternoon
Contribute to our culture and shape the way we work even our handbook is open-sourced on Github
Regular lunch and socials with colleagues we are vegan, halal, and non-drinker friendly, as well as meat-eater and drinker friendly
Company retreat with your colleagues every year
Paid holidays for your third and fifth anniversary working for us
Flexible holiday, working hours, and part-time
Generous parental leave and support
Season ticket loan
Cycle to work scheme, a place to secure your bike and a shower
Contributory pension scheme
Conference tickets and training
Volunteering time to help others get into the technology industry
We are a sanctuary for those wanting to hone their skills alongside like-minded learners. After joining our team it is common for new starters to comment on how much they're learning and how much they enjoy the fact they are surrounded by people they can learn from. This includes our most senior hires.

The biggest thing youll take away from our culture is that we practice continuous improvement at every level. We discuss our problems out in the open, and we band together to find solutions.

Were really excited about the impact of our work in the public sector, helping to deliver a better, fairer society with technology. We would love for you to join us on that journey!